MaPa Del


MaPa is the name I chose for my new role in life as a parent. Mika Alexis was born in 2011 and Nico Ilon in 2014. As someone who tries their best to walk the walk as well as talk the talk it felt important to not allow myself to be seen as a father. As a lifelong queer feminist I reject all forms of patriarchy, which in my case also means rejecting the name of the father, the son or the holy ghost. So MaPa is what I came up with, what feels right and what works for the kids and the kids they go to daycare with. 

As an artist and activist with (a bit more than) a sideline in sex-gender issues the opportunity to observe how small human creatures develop, especially in terms of gender, has been enormously satisfying and constantly in flux. Our oldest child has been allowed the room to manouver outside the borders usually imposed by obedience to the binary gender system that only validates the existence of male and female, in that order.