Visibly Intersex


Visibly Intersex 2011-2017
is an ongoing collaborative project that really took off in 2011 at an intersex activist forum sponsored by ILGA.  All of the people in the project are intersex activists and most were photographed at the various intersex forums, conferences and community events I have managed to attend in the past 6 years. VISIBLY INTERSEX has been self funded but made possible by travel/accomodation costs paid for through scholarships provided by ILGA, OII Europe and VIMOE. We made photographs together on hotel rooftops, in urban parks and on accessible balconeys. Although I am the person who has initiated this project and the photographer everyone who participates can use their own images and the presentation VISIBLY INTERSEX to educate and inform people about the ongoing human rights abuses intersex people throughout the world are subjected to. 

VISIBLY INTERSEX begins by performing visibility, which is only the first part of the equation. The really hard work of de-programming and re-sensitizing the general public (about the fallacies imbedded in their belief systems) is only just beginning.  While being visible how can we protect ourselves from the fear and loathing most people are programmed to express towards us?  How do we protect those born with bodies that exceed or evade medically imposed boundaries?  How do we ensure our right to full bodily integrity? How do we persuade our cultures that physical bodily diversity is not something that needs to be fixed? That while we may need medical attention and care we are not deformed or disordered or depraved. 

This project is one of many in production around the world. We are artists, we are activists and we are academics, parents, teachers and much more. We are just like you AND we are different! 

The future of VISIBLY INTERSEX will hopefully include funding and the creation of an INTERSEX ARCHIVE. If you are interested in being a part of this work or book a presentation email: